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In Second Grade, students take their ability to decode words and read sentences, to comprehend longer and more complex texts. We do a read aloud related to the unit of study that is focused on developing comprehension strategies. Students will independently read every day with a book that is on his/her reading level. Students will also participate in centers to strengthen decoding, fluency, and spelling strategies.


Writing is very connected to Reading in Second Grade. Almost all writing projects are linked to the content learned in Reader’s Workshop. Students will also have a Free Write Friday journal where they will write letters to me and I will write back on a weekly basis. Students will also have time during the week to “Just Right,” which is a way to build writing stamina.


We are starting a new math curriculum this year that is fantastic! Second Grade is such an important year for the students to build a foundation in understanding place value. Students will also work on addition, subtraction, money, and geometry.

Science/Social Studies

Students will have four Social Studies/Science units this year: Oysters, the Watershed, Life Cycles, and the Whaling Industry.