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Things to Remember

Our class Specials Schedule- 

Mondays - Physical Education (“P.E.”) in the gym with Mr. Lavaway (Andrew Lavaway).                                      Sneakers,Sneakers,Sneakers!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Tuesdays-Art in our classroom with Mrs.Bourgeois (Cassie Bourgeois)

Wednesdays - Music in the Music room 

Thursdays -Physical Education (“P.E.”) in the gym with Mr. Lavaway (Andrew Lavaway).                                       
    Remember to wear sneakers!

Fridays - Music in the Music room 

Monthly community snack schedule
Here are some suggestions for community snack contributions for the class of 19 children.
Dairy: Yogurt, low sugar(bulk size is okay, too),
Cheese (bulk size or individual servings), cottage cheese and cream cheese
Grain: Pretzels, goldfish, crackers, bread sticks and bread for toast,
mini bagels,  oats and pancake mix
Vegetable: baby carrots plus ranch dressing or other dip, broccoli, snap peas, 
red and yellow peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers
Fruit:( fresh or canned jars ) apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple, melons, and peaches.                                   

Also dried fruits and frozen fruits for smoothies.
Plus a gallon of spring water or small water bottles.

**We could always use the following items for daily cleanups and daily care...

Wipes(unscented, any brand), Facial Tissues, Plastic cups(5 or 7oz), Paper towels, Napkins, Lysol spray,

Small paper plates, 409 spray, Dawn dish detergent.

Your contributions are truly appreciated!

Change of Clothes- The children do have spills or toileting accidents from time to time so                             

it is important that they always have a set of spare clothes in the classroom: underwear,                                

 socks, shirt and bottoms.

Rest Time Bedding- We will be sending home bedding to be washed every other Friday or the last day before a long weekend/school break.       Please send back the bedding on the next school day.