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 Welcome to 3rd Grade!


A community that understands 

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A message from 3rd grade:

Third grade has begun three new units of study!! A lot to take on, but third graders are up for the challenge. In literacy, we have continued to develop our close reading skills by looking for closely as to “who wolf is” in fact and fiction! Although we have just broken the surface, it is already clear that wolf is portrayed as the antagonist in most fiction stories. Later in the study, students will learn that wolves are quite social animals who depend on one another in their day to day lives---quite opposite than what is portrayed in fiction. We will speculate as to why authors have consistently chosen to represent such a gentle creature in such a strong way! In math, we have begun exploring fractions. As we dig deeper into our learning, we will apply our knowledge of division to solve problems related to fractions. Lastly, we have begun or final integrated unit of study: Native Americans. We will enjoy a trip the Native American Institute next week as a kickoff to our learning about the interdependence of Native Americans with the environment around them. However, we have already started to explore Native American legends with a trip the Stamford Nature Center Museum planetarium where students sat under the night sky and learned the stories that helped Native Americans long ago make sense of the world around them! We are REALLY excited to write our own original legends to explain how something in nature came to be! Thank you to all those who were able to attend 3rd grade’s math extravaganza and pot luck event. Although a little different than anticipated, I think it was a success since parents left with some tools to help avoid “summer slide.” Please let me know if you have any questions!


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Dates to Remember:

March 16--Field trip to the Stamford Nature Center & Museum Planetarium

Early Dismissal (2pm) & Conference Night

March 22--3rd grade Pot Luck & Math Extravaganza!


Specials Schedule



Monday 10:05-11:05


Physical Education*

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Thursday 1:20-2:05


Physical Education*

Friday 2:25-3:10

Please remember to wear sneakers on P.E. days.