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Early Childhood Curriculum

  • In the structure of the PreK day, the children spend quality time with their teachers in both large and small group experiences.
  • Under the supportive guidance of an early childhood teacher and a teacher assistant, the children spend a large part of their mornings engaged in choice time activities and afternoons are reserved for small group activities.
  • These planned activities promote children's learning in multiple developmental areas, specifically: language and literacy, social and emotional growth, expressive arts, math, science, social studies and physical movement.
  • The classroom environment is learning center-based which supports active learning. This physical layout allows and encourages the children to make independent choices regarding their materials and work space. The different areas in our classrooms are dramatic play, block building, writing center, art center, library/book loft, science center, cooking, math and sensory tables.
  • Our long term studies are relevant and focused on the present world of young children. Some of the unit studies that are regularly explored are Self, Family, Homes, Neighborhood and School community. Science unit studies and other studies emerge as the interests of the class community are presented.

The importance of play for young children

  • Play provides numerous opportunities for children to explore and make discoveries about their social and physical world.
  • Constructive play is active learning whereby children can practice new cognitive, socio-emotional and physical skills.
  • It is a means of emotional expression and way of telling stories.
  • Play allows children to begin to differentiate between fantasy and reality.
  • It is how children gain and develop social skills as well as rich and descriptive language.